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! style="text-align:left;" |Transmission
! style="text-align:left;" |Transmission
|Allison 4-Speed HT 755 with Retarder
|[[Allison 4-Speed HT 755 with Retarder]]
! style="text-align:left;" |Brakes
! style="text-align:left;" |Brakes

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1990 WB 40 .png
Year 1990
Type Wanderlodge Wide Body Pusher
Engine Detroit Diesel 8v92TA
475hp with DDEC
Suspension Ridewell Air Suspension
Generator 15kW Universal - Diesel
Tires Michelin 12R22.5
Transmission Allison 4-Speed HT 755 with Retarder
Brakes Full Air
Bathrooms Walk Thru
Side Bath
A/C 13,500 BTU - 3 Rooftop
18,00 BTU - 1 Automotive(Dash)
Heating Heater 1
Heater 2
Diesel Fuel 300 gal.
Fresh Water 116 gal.
Gray Water 105 gal.
Waste Water 105 gal.
Propane (LP) 45 gal.
GVWR: 45,200 lbs
Length: 40'
Width: 102"



Operating tips (need to build this out more formally):

Electrical issues check the following things before troubleshooting

  1. A/T switch on dash
  2. Master Electronics switch in driver side airline compartment
  3. Battery disconnect switch
  4. Breaker panel in bedroom behind mirrors

Issues experienced and resolutions:

Generator overheating and shutting down, radiator fan not running
  • Replaced capacitor in junction box on side of fan; common fan/capacitor used in household furnaces

Generator starts but blows fuse after few seconds and will not keep running

  • Starter solenoid shorting, disassemble and clean/replace worn connectors OR hit starter with hammer a few times and try again (works!)

City Water hook-up leaking water from fitting on outside of bus

  • Removed and replaced the water pressure regulator by removing the the protective cover under the wheel well, removing wall chase cover and re-installing new regulator
    • Note: newer water pressure regulators have a 1/4" bigger cup and will not fit in existing location without cutting larger hole in floor, possible to just replace the regulator inside cup without replacing whole component.

Living Area Facilities

Automated drapery controls in main living area and in rear bedroom, re-stringing instructions are located here.

Electrical Systems

Water Distribution and Drainage

Dupree Power Valves

Visit the Dupree Power Valve page to find more information regarding operation, maintenance, parts list, and other key information.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Systems

Air Brake Systems

Maintenance Data

Specifications and Data

Engine and Chassis Specifications

Changing Wheels & Tires


Microphor LF-220 Toilet

Your coach is equipped with a Microphor LF-220 DC Toilet, follow the link for more information regarding maintenance, adjustments, parts list, and other detailed product information.

Battery Maintenance

Exterior Care

Equipment Manufactures Information


Equipment Options

Manuals and Reference Material

1990 WB 40 Chassis Parts Catalog