Detroit Diesel 8v92TA-475hp

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R&R Thermostats, Coolant Hoses, Radiator and Changing the Hydraulic Fan/Steering Filter, oil, shaft seals

Replacing the Water Pump

Changing the alternator and belts

This procedure was worked out while changing the Alternator on a 1987 PT38 8V92. T

The Alternator has two belts, the AC Compressor has two belts. No other belts on the 8V92. Curt Sprenger

Alternator Belt Replacement...

  1. Remove the engine access plate screws, lots of screws. The access plate is under the mattress of the island/walk around bed. Use a good battery drill to remove the screws.
  2. Use a hacksaw blade to cut the seal product between the access plate and the floor. Itís a good idea to carry a couple hacksaw blades in the tool box.
  3. Lift out the access plate. It's double layered and itís heavy . The bottom will be dirty.
  4. Use a 3/4" socket and cheater bar. Reach down to the alternator and loosen the two top bolts. One bolt is the slider to alternator. The other holds the slider to the stationary bracket.
  5. May need to loosen the alternator bottom pivot bolt to freely move the alternator.
  6. Remove the belts if they haven't already come off the pulleys.
  7. Check the drive and alternator pulleys for abnormal wear, cracks.
  8. Place the new belts on the pulleys.
  9. Use a pry bar or long/stout screw driver to push the alternator so the belts have only a slight (maybe ºî) indentation between the drive and alternator pulleys.
  10. While holding the alternator per above, tighten the slider bolt. Recheck the belts.
  11. Tighten the stationary bracket bolt.  
  12. Tighten the alternator bottom pivot bolt.   
  13. Put seal material on the access plate floor space. Or just go to step 13.  
  14. Install the access plate and the screws. Again, the battery screw driver is very handy.  


Manuals & Guides

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