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#2100P-071 - Gate Core Assembly (less housing)
#2100P-071 - Gate Core Assembly (less housing)
#2100P-070 - Complete Power Valve Assembly
#2100P-070 - Complete Power Valve Assembly
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<references />

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Dupree Power Valve
Dupree Power Valve Exploded Assembly

Overview & History

The Dupree valve was originally developed and marketed as the Owens Valve in 1964, and it has been in production ever since. Acquired by Dupree Products in the 1980's[1], the Dupree Power Valve has been installed by many manufacturers during this time such as, Airstream, SilverStreak, Bluebird, Newell and numerous other bus and recreational vehicle manufactures.  


The Dupree 3" Power Valve is Designed to operate between 45 and 150 PSI.  An air pressure of approximately 50 PSI is recommended for operation.  The valve comes equipped with either a ball or T-handle for manual operation when air pressure is not available.  Available with 2 types of fittings, straight or 90°.


Gate Inspection

Gate Lubrication

Gate Replacement

Parts List

  1. 0100P-028 - Handle
  2. 01000-043 - Screw (x2 Required)
  3. 0100P-140 - End Cap Assembly
  4. 0100P-024 - Gate & Seal Assembly
  5. 01000-027 - Valve Housing
  6. 2100P-071 - Gate Core Assembly (less housing)
  7. 2100P-070 - Complete Power Valve Assembly



  1. Citation needed