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From the owners of Dupree Products: In 2020 and are excited about the future of the business. We manufacture twist locking waste valves that were originally developed in the 1960's (Owens/Dupree brand names) and have been going strong ever since. It is common for us to get inquiries from owners of campers/motorhomes that are still using our valves 45+ years later! The simplicity of changing the seal and robust construction should keep them going another 50 years.

In the 1980's the business expanded with the addition of Treatzall for waste tank treatment. Treatzall has been going strong all of these years with a very loyal following, but had never been listed for sale on Amazon or in big retail stores and quite frankly, was a bit hard to locate. We're working hard to make it easier to find and purchase (recently listed on Amazon) and are hopeful that you'll give it a try. No caking, no perfumes, no dyes and it works!

As the business was growing, the simplicity of the waste valve proved it's flexibility with the addition of an air powered valve to make dumping the tanks even easier. The air valves use the same housings as the manual valves along with a custom air cylinder that operates the gate open or closed in around 1 second. These valves have been used in many high end motorcoaches, tour buses and in other innovative applications where an air operated valve is needed.

We also sell a limited set of parts to keep some of the older coaches on the road that are either new old stock or distributed by vendors as more specialty items. The two owners both own classic coaches are passionate about enjoying them with their families for many years to come!