Dupree Twis-Loc Manual Valve

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Dupree Twis-Loc Valve

Twis-Loc Overview & History

The Dupree Twis-Loc valve was originally developed and marketed as the Owens Valve in 1964, and it has been in production ever since. The Twis-Loc Valve has been installed by many manufacturers during this time such as, Airstream, SilverStreak, Bluebird, Newell and numerous other bus and recreational vehicle manufactures.  The Twis-Loc's significant feature is its certainty of operation and valve position with all parts being easily replaceable.

Dupree Twis-Loc Manual Valve Exploded Parts Drawing


The valve position is indicated by the handle position; When the handle is fully extended the valve is in the open position. The valve is closed when the handle is aligned with, and locked into the body of the valve.

To fully open the valve, turn the handle until it stops. Keep turning the handle until you feel the seal in the bottom break loose. Then pull the handle away from the valve to the fully open position.

To close the valve, align the handle. perpendicularly to the body of the valve. Push the handle against the body of the valve, giving it a 1/4 turn clockwise. When the handle will turn no further, it is aligned with the valve body and the valve is closed. As you turned the handle, slots in the handle rode up the guides in the body. The slots were stopped at the top of the guides when the valve reached the closed position. The spring in the handle tightened the valve closed, and now keeps the handle in place until you choose to move it.


Insert maintenance procedure here

Gate Inspection

Gate Lubrication

Gate Replacement

Parts List

  1. 01000-027 - Valve Housing
  2. 01000-036 - Shoe Seal
  3. 01000-025 - Valve Gate (aka Paddle)
  4. 01000-132 - End Cap Bushing
  5. 01000-040 - Small O Ring
  6. 01000-042 - Washer
  7. 01000-041 - Screw
  8. 01000-021 - Spring
  9. 01000-039 - Large O Ring
  10. 01000-023 - End Cap
  11. 01000-042 - Screw (x2 required)
  12. 01000-026 - Handle
  13. 11000-071 - Gate Assembly (less housing)